Viva la Mexico!

Week One//Mexico City

Day out and about

After a long 36+ hours of traveling, five hours delay, a missed flight, overweight bags, confusion in airports and a lot of customs, ten Kiwis finally left an airport and took an hour’s drive to their hotels with two lovely hosts from the University. Despite some tired grumbles we all very quickly realised the time delays and long travel was a blessing in disguise that saved us from horrific jetlag.

Between Saturday and Sunday, we slowly met the rest of the crew we would be spending a month with. Australia, South Korea, Germany, Denmark, and Switzerland have all made the journey over to study and learn the ways of Mexico.

As each day passes you realize very quickly that time is not in your favour. Mexico is full of so many beautiful sights, treasures, and markets that, before you can blink, you’ve run out of time for everything you were hoping to do.

Their produce is absolutely massive!

Now, I don’t know about you, but for some reason, I am obsessed with foreign supermarkets. Mexico may have the best supermarket I have ever seen. Their sections are beautiful, items are paired with things that complement each other and they have a gourmet food court IN THE ACTUAL SUPERMARKET. I would compare it to a boujee version of New World (and what I assume of Target). The meals were cheap, insanely fresh, and just hands-down delicious.

A lot of the food here is very spicy and usually corn-based. It’s made me realise how westernised we have made Mexican food. Whilst Mexican has never been a favourite cuisine of mine, I must admit I think I prefer our NZ version of quesadillas and tacos. And sometimes what you order isn’t what you expect!


On Wednesday, we visited Pepsico. The trip was much shorter than anticipated, and because no classes were scheduled, we got a free day! So we all split into groups dedicated to certain areas we wanted to visit. I went to Chapultepec with the intentions of visiting a castle and the anthropology museum. But we got distracted by a gazillion things and only had enough time at the beautiful castle. (Not pictured above). I also fed wild squirrels which was a major highlight. They quite like cheetos and are so used to people that they come right up to take it from your hands and give you (in my eyes) a little high-five.

Boating in Xochimilco

Final day in Mexico City 12 of us visited Xochimilco. The fun we had today was indescribable. From lost Ubers, a two-hour canal ride with mariachi bands, fresh Mexican corn on a stick, holding a 40 kg snake, riding horses through the golden hour, stunning markets, and incredible company, it really couldn’t have been better. And all this for an insane $30NZD! If you ever come to Mexico, I highly recommend doing this. Tomorrow we head off early to another area of Mexico to visit some pyramids. Super excited for what’s to come.

Bloopers of Week One

Two lost bags that didn’t leave Sydney (have arrived now!)

My og roomie had covid :((

I moved to four different rooms in less than 12 hours

In the moving chaos, my childhood soft toy of 19 years got lost and has not been found

Sophie had an evil horse that tried to kill all of us at least once each

Mexico City/Santa Fe has ridiculously expensive nightlife

I bought fried chicken and fries which turned out to be a singular baby drumstick, about 5 chips and a singular tortilla chip with green salsa

Minor food poisoning from fruit that I knew I shouldn’t have eaten

I fell asleep while Jess was talking to me cause #tiredgurl

Apparently, I speak funny to the point that some English speakers don’t even understand

It’s all the altitude’s fault…

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