Fasten seat belts

It’s Thursday the 19th fly-out day.  Feeling complete after a farewell dinner with my whānau…… Waking up knowing everything is in order.

Then, the universe sends a reminder of the importance of this haerenga. The reality of our region’s current social issues comes knocking “literally” on my door. I am quickly reminded of the heightened crime rates and poverty issues our communities are facing.

I now have the decision to either cry and accept that I will not be joining the rest of the team in Brazil or I can start problem-solving. I obviously chose the latter…

11 hours until my flight, no passport and no bag. I start preparing a mental checklist in my head, First task breathe!, second task notify the 360 team of what has happened. Third task obtain a passport… all while the devil on my shoulder was trying to make me break my composure. All day I was constantly telling myself ‘stay calm, get it done and cry about what has happened later’.

Yes – I am that person in my family that always tries to keep others around me stress-free. My husband and daughter named me “the mother board” of the family.  When a crisis hits, I have no time or room to panic it’s straight into problem-solving. An awesome whakatauki I love is “its not a problem unless you make it a problem and if it’s a problem, there will be a solution. If it has no solution it is not a problem it is a truth to be accepted”.

Today my resilience, patience, perseverance and ability to stay calm were put to the test. Huge thank you to Chandra and my family who supported me today and my new extended whanau who rallied to support me. Blessed with the best.

I now am sitting on flight 62 to Sao Paolo with my new extended family. Reflecting on the past 24 hours from my plane seat. “I want it I got it”(In Ariana Grande’s voice).

“If you want something bad enough you will make it happen”
                           Ashley Hemara wehi 2023.

Outside Internal affairs 2 hours before my flight.

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