First impressions of Brazil

Ola from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Embarking on the Prime Minister’s Scholarship to Latin America for Indigenous culture and history in Brazil has been an exciting experience. Arriving in Sao Paulo after two long haul flights, which included a stopover in Houston, Texas, USA we were greeted by our coordinator Talita and made our way into the city. Our welcome lunch at Jiquitaia was a delicia (delicious) selection of traditional Brazilian shared small plates and our choice of a beautiful main and dessert.

The next day we took the bustling subway to Batman Alley markets. We stopped at Apprentice Lane beforehand to check out the incredible street art where artists practice before graduating to paint in Batman Alley. The vibrant street life was the perfect remedy to any jet lag I may have been feeling. As we made our way along the streets, we heard drumming and followed it to find a practice session for carnival at Casa De Cultura Os Capoiera.  This would also be the venue for the most incredible capoeira lesson the next day. To learn about the history and art of capoeira and the opportunity to partake in a lesson from the master was a real privilege and an experience that I will never forget. Overall, it has been a wonderful start to the programme and I feel so grateful to be here with an amazing group of people.

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