A Well Deserved Rest!

Welcome back to my blog! So much time has passed now, and we’ve already reached the end of January! Time really does fly by so fast, huh? This post is dedicated to the Lunar New Year break that started last Friday and continued to Tuesday earlier this week. I didn’t realise this five-day break would be so nice until it started! Even though going to school every day and seeing my classmates is always good, taking a break from the school schedule felt like a good long breath in and out. Our schedule reminded me a lot of my high school days, so I felt like the five-day break treated me well!

On the first day, Friday, I didn’t do anything and just slept in, which felt really nice because I didn’t have my annoying alarm reminding me that I had to wake up early, haha! My friend and I decided to spend the Saturday like we always do and did some shopping in Hongdae. Looking back at all the weekends I’ve spent here, I’ve realised that Hongdae seems to be a go-to, and I don’t blame myself for it because the more I go there, the more I realise how much there is to do there! Sunday was my favourite day out of the five since we went to the theme park called Everland! I think that most of the Koreans left for their hometowns on Saturday because, compared to average days, the park was almost empty! Don’t get me wrong, there were still a handful amount of people roaming around, but from what I’ve heard, lines seem to take a really long time at the two most famous theme parks here in Korea (Lotte World and Everland), and when we were there on Sunday the longest we had to wait was maybe 20 minutes! Compared to when I went to Lotte World last time with my friends, I would say that the trip to Everland went way beyond my expectations, and I had so much fun! The park was massive, and it seemed like a zoo and a theme park merged into one! There was also a water park, but since it was winter, we could not go into that area; instead, there was a snow-themed area (which we didn’t go into to escape experiencing more of the winter, haha). To top things off, the theme park had rides and areas dedicated to my favourite K-pop group (even a store dedicated to their entertainment company that I’ve been visiting a bit too much these days, oops!). If I ever get the chance to come back to Korea with either my family or my friends, I will definitely want to go back to Everland!

I have so much more to talk about Everland, but I will stop there! I did not want to hear an alarm on Monday as well, so I decided to take another day to chill in the dorms. On the last day, Tuesday, that same friend and I decided to go to a dry sauna (jjimjilbang in Korean) to chill outside the dorms before returning to school the next day. To be honest, I asked my friend to go there because they promoted that they had several facilities, which really struck my interest, only to arrive there and realise they were inaccessible despite there being signs leading to those places. I was a bit disappointed when we were there. However, going there was a good experience, and the layout was also fascinating! Since it was my first going to a place like this, I was also a bit confused about what to do, but it turns out that people just come here to clear their minds, take naps and eat good food! Going to the dry sauna was a great way to end the five-day break, and I don’t think going anywhere else would finish it so well.

I will end my post here, and as always, I will attach some pictures I took during the break and finish off with my favourite song these days! See you in my next blog post!

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