In the moment with the usos – Ep 8. Tea with Tia (ft Daniel and Brandon)

Hello! We’re up to episode 8?! Today I’m joined by Daniel O’Brien and Brandon Jost-Turei. We talk about some trip highlights and then share our views about living in the moment vs the challenges of wanting to document your experiences. We determined that it’s hard to get that balance, especially in this program where everything is happening all at once! Post-recording, Daniel mentioned that you can, in fact, do both: living in the moment AND documenting. Your thoughts?

(Note: “usos” means brothers in Samoan).

Brandon (left), Tia (middle), Daniel (right)

Not sure if I’m quite ready to post a video of us doing a Bollywood dance, haha, but here are the songs we’re learning routines for. The first song is the one we often perform for others; the second is still a work in progress.

These are some of the songs the students at SOIL played whilst we danced together 🙂

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