Not Ready To Leave :(

Welcome back to my blog!! This might be my last blog post because it is slowly nearing when we have to leave Korea, which means lots and lots of packing and tidying things up! Many fun things have been happening, and I’ve been trying to cram everything in now that the time to leave the country is nearing! It has been such an enjoyable time here in Korea, and I have loved every minute spent here in this beautiful country. Some of the things I have done here recently have a lot to do about K-pop idols, haha! As a fan of K-pop idols, to be honest, coming at this time of the year has actually been fantastic, and I have done things I would have just been imagining doing if I was back in New Zealand!

Along with my solo adventures with friends, our Korean class made a little trip to watch a non-talking performance. When I first heard that we would be going there, I thought it wouldn’t be that enjoyable if I had to be honest, but after the first minute my mind completely changed and I could not stop laughing! It was so funny and enjoyable to watch! After it was done, I was so tired from laughing that even my cheeks hurt; it made me instantly regret the initial thought I had of the performance! After this fantastic performance, the next day, my two friends and I decided to go to our favourite Korean toast store with just the thought of having some delicious toast. Little did we know that when I pointed out the K-pop idol’s signature on the poster on the wall, it would lead us to have a phone call with him! The aunty at the little store was surprised that we knew of him and his group despite them being quite famous! The phone call only lasted a minute or so, but it still blew my mind, and it was crazy to hear his voice!

The next day after that crazy experience was Saturday. I decided to spend it with a Korean friend I met a long time ago, so I was shocked she still remembered me when we connected again! We decided to visit a nearby historical palace; it was beautiful and had a lot of places to take pictures, but since I’m not a picture person, we left there quite early. We headed to an area with lots of lovely cafes shortly after my friend finished taking all the beautiful pictures of me! The cafe’s vibes and the place were terrific despite being packed with people! We also decided last minute to visit some birthday cafes, which are highly popular here in Korea! Although all the drinks and gifts were sold out, the places we went to had amazing vibes, and the decorations were so cute. I wish they did something similar in New Zealand because it would be a great place to bond with people with the same interests as you! We also decided to go to a famous restaurant for dinner and wait in line since it was one of the most famous in the area we were in. I trusted the number of people waiting in line and in the restaurant that I would be eating something delicious for dinner, and I was right! It was delicious, and I highly recommend it if you are okay with waiting in lines!

The day after, on Sunday, my friend and I headed to N Seoul Tower (formerly known as Namsan Tower). The fine dust was a bit bad on the day, so it was slightly foggy when we reached the top. But, despite that, the view was still amazing, and it surprised me how many locks were on the gates! It felt like they never ended and went on forever! Here comes my favourite part of the trip! I am still surprised that I could go to this since I have been daydreaming about going to one of these since I started liking K-pop! What I am talking about is a fan meeting! It was one of my favourite groups, and it was so surreal to see them in person! We were seated in the back, but it was still amazing to hear them sing and talk in person! I don’t want to talk about too many negative things since it was an unreal experience, but I still hope that we were able to know about the fan meeting sooner and got better seats! Enough of the complaining! I was so grateful that I was able to experience that fan meeting! The day after, that same friend and I went to Han River, finally! The fine dust was terrible again, so it was foggy, but it was great to just walk around and admire the view!

Some of my classmates and I hung out again a few days ago, and we went to another beautiful cafe! This cafe was in the same area my Korean friend and I were in, so the vibes were amazing! Finally, today, two of my friends and I went to an exhibition my favourite group had made, so I had to go and check it out! The production of the whole place was excellent, and for once, the staff weren’t that strict about filming and taking pictures, so I have a lot of memories! There were tons of cute videos and pictures everywhere, and the theme of the whole place was adorable!

As this is probably my last blog post, it is pretty long! As usual, I will add some pictures and leave this post with a song I am hooked on these days! Thank you for reading my posts; I hope you enjoyed them!

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