Holly’s Packing Guide for India

Hand Sanitiser 

  • 50 ml or 100 ml hand sanitisers are a must! To be used on the plane, on the bus, in Ubers, in Autorickshaws, before eating and after going to the bathroom. Small enough to fit into your day bag, how handy! 


  • On this programme, we are provided three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). We have often eaten breakfast very early in the morning and had a late lunch because of our busy schedule. This is why snacks are a must! Biscuits, muesli bars, and chips have been great to carry around each day.   


  • Many of the public toilets in India do not have any toilet paper. It is a great idea to always carry around a tiny packet of tissues in your day bag! 

Converter/ Adapter 

  • Indian wall outlets are different to New Zealand. I would recommend buying a converter before leaving New Zealand, as it has proven tricky to find one here. 

Mosquito Repellent (DEET) 

  • India is home to many mosquitos. I found out the hard way that my regular mosquito repellent wasn’t strong enough for India. DEET mosquito repellent has worked well for all of us and keeps us from being bitten. 

Jandles/ Sandles /Slides

  • When entering Palaces and Temples, it is common to take your shoes off and keep them outside. This is to maintain the sanctity of the place. Sandal-like shoes are easy to slip off and on. 

Portable Charger 

  • When spending hours on flights and buses, a portable charger is a must. With limited plugs in airports, a portable charger comes to save the day.


  • Headphones have come in handy for our long bus trips. We have spent many hours on our bus, and headphones are great for listening to music and watching Netflix shows. They are amazing to pass the time and great when you are after a little “me time”.

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