New Year, New Habits

Shortly after the new year celebrations, we began our mid-semester exams. We have many small quizzes, speaking tests and exams during this programme. Finding time to study and make social plans has always been a task I struggled to balance. I always prioritised one over the other and wanted to find a better balance. One of my goals in coming to Korea was to improve at finding this balance between my academic and social life. Reflecting on my stay in Korea, I have tried my best to maximise my time here while finding time wherever I can study. One solution that balanced my social and academic life was going to cafes with friends and studying. I mainly tried to find classmates to learn with since most do not speak English. Even if we were to talk at the cafe, I would practice my Korean instead of using English. After studying, it would usually be dinner time, so if we had time, we would usually go out for dinner and have fun. Since Korea has such a vibrant nightlife, I have maximised this by making plans with friends at night.

Here is a small recap of the things I did before the Mid-Semester exams:

  1. Go to cafes with friends to study
  2.  Went Ice Skating
  3.  I met with my Doumi (my Korean buddy) and tried live octopus.
  4.  I rented a car with friends and drove around Seoul during the night
  5.  Saw the new year exhibitions in the Sejong square
  6.  I ate a lot of good food

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