Our Journey through Brazil

Our journey in Brazil has come to an end, but to reflect, here are a few things I missed in my recent blog posts. 

We visited the Indigenous Peoples Memorial. In this space, we were shown culture from many parts of Brazil. 

We visited the Socio-Environmental Institute (ISA), which is a non-profit Brazilian civil society organisation. What they do is find solutions to social and environmental issues while still recognising social, collective and diffuse environmental and cultural heritage and human rights. 

We visited the New Zealand embassy in Brazil, so we could share with the ambassador what we had been doing while we were in Brazil, and he shared with us about the partnerships and initiatives between Brazil and New Zealand. We were privileged to visit the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples and were told what they do on a daily basis for the indigenous peoples. 

Our last visit was to the International Institute of Education of Brazil (IEB); they are also a non-profit association. Their mission is to strengthen social actors and their role in building a sustainable society. 

We finally got to present the projects we had been working on for a few days. This was done at the Indigenous Peoples Memorial. There were five groups of three; our theme was “How would we make our communities in Aotearoa empathise and understand what is happening in Brazil and to the Indigenous Peoples.” There were ideas such as children’s books, websites, video games and exhibitions. 

I loved every part of our trip to Brazil; we gained so much knowledge about Brazilian culture, society and environment. I cannot wait to return to visit these past places and re-immerse in their culture. I am grateful to 360 International at UOA for supporting us before, during and after this amazing opportunity. Also, to Campus B, you were all so amazing and welcoming. Thank you for taking care of us all, showing us around the country and making us feel welcome. 

Till next time, Brazil!!!

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