Mid trip update

We are now officially 3 weeks into our trip! A concept that has been on mind my a lot during the last couple of weeks is Anekantavada. Anekantavada is a term coined by the Jains in ancient India that means ‘many-sidedness’ in Sanskrit. It states that there is not one ultimate truth, and that many perspectives and realities can be true at once. Every person I have spoken to so far has given me a unique insight into how they view the world, with all being as true and as valid as the last. From the residents of Auroville who are working towards human unity and the transformation of consciousness, to the employees at Flipkart who are working hard to boost the economy through e-commerce. There is always something new to be learnt and I could not be more grateful for these interactions. 

I have also noticed that almost everything here is spicy and there is no such thing as a ‘plain’ dish. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, expecting to get some bread with cheese, and ended up getting a grilled sandwich with tomatoes, onions, herbs & spices, cheese, and sauces. Almost all the packeted chips are flavoured with spicy tomato, masala, or chilli, and my friend even got a guava ice cream that was spicy! To avoid food poisoning and/or unwanted bacteria in our food, we have been advised to only eat food that is either cooked, packaged, or peelable. This has meant that our food options are a little restricted. I love trying new foods and getting out of my comfort zone but I am really missing fresh fruit and vegetables! 

Thanks for reading my mid-trip update. I will be sure to keep you posted about the rest of our trip! 

Cooking with a famous retired chef
Food at Manav Sadhana in Ahmedabad
Helping give free food to school children with Akshaya Patra
Famous street food
More examples of food in India
Inside Infosys
South Indian Thali

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