Jaipur Foot

As we head into our 5th week here in India one place that has really stood out to me has been an organisation called Jaipur foot. Jaipur foot provides those who have lost their limbs with prosthetic ones, free of charge. People are able to turn up without an appointment and are fitted with a new limb by the end of the day. It is an incredible organisation that works both across India and in 37 countries around the world. Jaipur foot is not only able to help people walk again but also enables them to be able to integrate back into society. In India especially, a lot of work is done where you need to be able to sit, bend and squat, for example when working in agriculture. The prosthetic limbs that Jaipur foot provides are specifically designed in a way that allow people to do this, one of the reasons why they have been so successful. We met people at the clinic who were able to run, jump and even climb trees. Many people we met had been fitted at the clinic and had returned to the organisation to work for them. These people who have returned are an integral part of the organisation as they are not only able to help in providing prosthetic limbs but also are able to offer valuable counselling to those who have had similar experiences and struggles to themselves. 

It was a very inspiring visit and the values the organisation stands for such as respect, equality, empowerment and the importance placed on maintaining the dignity of the patients that receive their service will stay with me forever. Listening to Mr. DR Mehta speak, the founder and chief patron of Jaipur foot, it was clear how dedicated and passionate he was about the work he does and you could see how his passion for the organisation reflected in the work that they do. This visit will stay with me for the rest of my life, I will be reflecting back on this experience throughout my career regardless of the work I find I am involved with.

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