My Beautiful Journey – Time To Say Both Goodbye And Hello

The six weeks of the PMSA-Mumbai scholarship have taught me so much. Firstly, I couldn’t be more grateful for all the lessons it taught and the life-long relationships I’ve banked during this process. 

Meeting people is one thing, but making lifelong friendships and creating memories and bonds is a whole new different thing. It started as 15 former strangers who are all now like a family. They hold on to and support each other during ups and downs. The comfort of being home and having 14 other shoulders to rely on is such a blessing in a new city. They aren’t just friends but, like I said, a family where everyone resonates with the role of a family member. I’ll forever cherish these moments and can’t wait to create more fond memories with you all. 

During the visit to Mumbai, I made other life-long friends (through meeting NMIMS students, accommodation friends) who are extremely hospitable, kind, generous and caring. Their hospitality and warmth comforted me and reminded me of the true essence of India. The power of having different mindsets together, the beauty of different perspectives, religions and values coming together creates beauty. They stand by the motto of unity in diversity, which reminded me of NZ, how we all respect each other’s cultures, beliefs, values and thoughts. It gave me a sense of comfort, the feeling of being included when I was seen as an equal, where I could embrace my culture and roots and flaunt my Indian-ness openly. This opened the doors to an extended family. I’ll always maintain my friendships with them, or I’ll at least try to check in on them. 

The city of dreams, Mumbai, I was lucky to be here. One of those cities that lets you do your business but looks out for you. So you can feel independent yet safe at the same time. A busy city that never sleeps, so you can feel safe walking alone even when it gets a bit dark. Where it’s just a false stigma that trains are unsafe and people are sceptical. But rather trains are the lifeline of Mumbai, and people are extremely friendly. The city invited me with open arms and taught me many lessons and experiences. Helped me create beautiful relationships and memories and will forever impact me.

This entire journey has been like a Ferris wheel. There were moments when I was extremely happy and it lifted me high. Moments, I felt like crashing down. Moments where I was neutral and recharging, Moments where I was getting up and reaching my highs. There wasn’t a constant feeling but rather a mix of emotions. I would say this has made the journey beautiful just like how the Ferris wheel ride is fun when you’re moving constantly and not just fixated at a certain point.  The journey, however, wouldn’t have been beautiful without GCC, UoA staff and my co-students, NMIMS students, and my colleagues at the intern place. Perhaps, that’s why whom you travel with matters much more than your destination. The journey and people are truly worth it. 

I’ve also learnt some priceless lessons that’ll take me forever and I’m carrying with me that I’ll apply in NZ.   Some of the many lessons I learnt are: 

  1. Experiment with new things, get out there try new things and meet new people. This is what enables you to see things beyond and increases your knowledge. Travelling around is another great way to explore and learn about yourself and the place you’re visiting. 
  2. Get out of your comfort zone. It’s easily said rather than done. But trust me, when you push yourself out of your shell, you are welcomed into a new world and evolving version of yourself. You see your capabilities and thresholds are constantly changing and you become more adaptableRemember to always be there for yourself 
  3. I’d like you to focus on the positive aspects more. As I said it’s a Ferris wheel. Rather than focusing on moments that brought you down, you felt homesick or low. Focus on things it taught you and how they changed you. Look at things holistically and appreciate the positive impact on you rather than pinning more on the negative aspects. 

The lessons learnt are priceless. The people and bonds I’ve made are very refreshing and provide warmth. I’ve learnt so many things and will carry them with me forever. It hasn’t just taught me to look out for myself and observe how a situation evolves. I’ve grown so much as a person and the changes are evident. 

I can’t thank the PMSA scholarship enough for such an incredible experience. This is truly a life-changing experience and probably the beginning of many. The end of this journey is just the beginning of a new experience in my life. Therefore, it’s probably best to say both Goodbye 👋 and Hello! 

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