Citron 28 – Seoul City Exclusive

I ran into this perfume a couple of days before in Seoul and I definitely loved it (it’s from Le Labo). A unique take on the “icon of citruses,” the lemon, Citron 28 reflects Seoul, “a city rooted in tradition and history, yet at the forefront of all that is modern and forward-thinking.” where it also reflects my journey applying for the exchange and my life here in Seoul.

We are just living our exchange life.

For the academic aspect, I’d like to say SKKU is less stressful than UoA in the whole. I remember being panicked after the first month NOT receiving any assignment for any course. Moreover, I also heard that the professors for English teaching courses are mostly lovely, which means that they are very generous when marking the assignments/exams because they are aware that there are a lot of exchange students and we are just here enjoying our life in Seoul. However, I think this only applies to exchange students as the local students usually take five to seven courses per semester so according to my Korean friend, they are definitely struggling more than us. However again, as you may know, Korean universities always have festivals twice a year to balance students’ stress and I hope you saw my Instagram takeover because I think I posted everything you expect to see for a university festival!

Never liked group work this much

Since I’m majoring in Marketing here at SKKU, I have group work for every course I took except for my GenEd, and I definitely appreciated this as most of my close friends here are my teammates (A big thank you to all of them when they agreed to hang out with me socially when I asked at the first place). We would have lunch at the university cafeteria before or after classes, explore delicious foods, study together at cafés together etc. I never expected to become such close friends with them and I will definitely miss them when I leave.

(It somehow became a tradition that we took a picture of every group member who did the presentation)

More photos of us <3

I went to 13 concerts!

My exchange life is definitely not only on campus, and I had a lot of fun exploring the city and seeing performances from my favourite artists. If you want to come to here for (K-pop) concerts and all the related events, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! The price for concert tickets is much cheaper than when they hold them overseas, and there are also a lot of pop-up events where you can get merchandise and fun activities and even chances to get close to your favourite idols! I also went to three large hip-hop festivals, which were all worth-worthy: an average of $130 ticket for an eleven-hour festival (not to brag but I barricaded all of them, so I was really close to the stage as well hehe). Instagram is the largest social media platform in Korea and they will post anything there, so make sure you follow everyone/company so that you don’t miss out.

Here are some cute moments that I captured of some idols:

Moreover, if you like some Korean underground culture such as K-Hiphop or K-r&b, you could even have chances to get really close to them, I MEAN REALLY CLOSE, like standing-in-front-of-you that kind of close, and their ticker prices are much lower too. If you want to see more content about these live performances, feel free to follow my Instagram and ask me anything if you are interested (lexie_nomilkplz)!

Here are some of the concerts/festivals I’ve been to:

Time flies and these three months have passed way faster than I expected. I’m currently sitting in the airport to write this blog and I definitely don’t want to leave. However, looking back on these three months, I can say that I made the most of it and I did not waste any time. I went to a great university, I’ve made great friends, I’ve been to great concerts and festivals, I went to great events held by the exchange student club, I said goodbye to every friend I have in Seoul…What else could I ask for?

(Maybe applying for the exchange again?!)

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