Shuwei Zhang

Shuwei Zhang

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Korean Language Study Abroad


Hello, I am Wendy! I am a final-year student at the University of Auckland, under the Bachelor of Arts and Commerce conjoint programme. I major in Finance, Marketing and Communication, with a module in Korean. I am originally from China but immigrated to New Zealand in 2010, and since then, I have been studying and living in Auckland.

My passion for Korean popular culture inspired me to apply for this opportunity. I am more than excited to refine my language skills and experience more of Korean culture’s daily nuances. Beyond the language and culture, I am thrilled to expand and reapply what I have learnt at the University of Auckland. Notably, I am intrigued by the differences in communicative structures and methods between Korea, New Zealand, and China. Those differences also provide valuable insights into prominent marketing strategies in these countries and why they work the way they do.

Through this experience, I hope to challenge myself personally, academically, and professionally and to utilise those lessons learnt as a foundation for my career in New Zealand, Korea, or anywhere else the world takes me.

  • Brace-Step

    절대 난 돌아보지 않겠어 (oh-oh, oh-oh, yeah) 앞만 보기도 시간은 짧아 (yeah!) Step it up, step it up 다시 시작이야 /I will never look back again (oh-oh, oh-oh, yeah) Time is already short even if I only look forward (yeah!) Step it up, step it up, it’s the beginning again/ -KARA, <Step> To the dismay…Continue…

  • Middle-Ditto

    Walk in this 미로 다 아는 건 아니어도 바라던 대로 말해줘 say it back /Walk in this maze Not that I know everything but Just as I want it Say it say it back/ -NewJeans, <Ditto> Firstly, happy new year! I can’t say I was 100% looking forward to it, but like most things in…Continue…

  • Chaos-Routine

    여기에서 together 무질서한 그대로 데카당스 이곳으로 날 던져 generation /we’re here in this together the way that it is disordered the décadence is where it’s at i jump inside, generation/ -tripleS, <Generation> As anyone would expect, moving overseas to a country where you have around the same, if not less, capabilities as a primary school…Continue…