Final Thoughts and Thanks

After being back in New Zealand for just over a week, I thought I’d share my final thoughts on my amazing month-and-a-half trip to Mexico. As my previous posts have been quite wordy, I am going to aspire to keep this one short! People have been asking me all week about my time away, and…Continue Reading Final Thoughts and Thanks

Adjusting Back To Nueva Zelanda

Today marks a week since I arrived home in New Zealand. Many components of my lifestyle in Mexico were different, and I had to adjust. Adjusting back home made me recognize the differences between Mexico and New Zealand and the changes within myself over my time away. Although I have spoken English my entire life,…Continue Reading Adjusting Back To Nueva Zelanda

Tchau, Brasil…

This time in Brazil has been an unforgettable experience. From exploring vibrant cities and engaging museums, to walking through the Atlantic rainforest to visit Guarani and other communities to share mātauranga, waiata and aspirations. Visiting NGOs working in different ways to support those on the ground to have greater control over their futures and to…Continue Reading Tchau, Brasil…

Olá Brasil!!!

Olá from Brasil! Tudo bem? I won’t lie, I’m re-writing this blog after my first version somehow mysteriously disappeared off the face of my mac and completely refuses to be found :’). I suppose it’s the universe’s way of telling me that it was simply too good to share with the world (at least that’s…Continue Reading Olá Brasil!!!

The City from the Inside 

Initial Expectations  My ultimate expectations of the Programme were simple, to keep an open mind and to soak up everything I could in terms of what was said and exchanged, lessons, learnings and stories. I knew that this programme was venturing onto new grounds for me, not so much the travelling but more so being…Continue Reading The City from the Inside 

A week in Cuetzalan

Our last week in Mexico was in the beautiful Cuetzalan, staying with an indigenous collective, Sociedad Cooperativa Tosepan Titaniske. Our days were jam-packed, so this blog will be a day-by-day account so that I don’t miss anything! Day 1 Our first day started at 7 am, with a 5-hour bus ride with our two IBERO…Continue Reading A week in Cuetzalan

The Colors of Cueztalan

Upon finishing up our course work for this programme , we got the amazing opportunity to stay in Cuetzalan for our final week. This part of the trip was a chance to not only experience a different  social location of Mexico , but understand indigenous ways of living. The town of Cuetzalan was a gorgeous…Continue Reading The Colors of Cueztalan