With the last few weeks being intensely busy, I haven’t been able to update what I have been doing in Korea! So here are some highlights from the last couple of weeks.


I had an amazing opportunity to be able to go to these two concerts in the last month. Hoppipolla has been my favourite band with my favourite music for a long time, so it was a life-changing experience to see each of the members perform their solo songs at the Someday Festival.

I was also invited by some friends to go to the CIX concert, which was surprisingly incredible! I have always liked their group and kept up with their releases, but didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did!

Christmas @ Lotte World

Christmas was a day I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to, it being the first Christmas away from my family and friends. However, it was surprisingly enjoyable. It didn’t necessarily feel like Christmas (since I wasn’t doing what I usually do), but it was a day full of fun with new friends. We decided to go to Lotte World (a theme park in Korea) with a couple of the people from our scholarship group. We rented out uniforms before going in (this is a popular activity to do at Lotte world with your friends/partner), then spent the whole day at the park taking photos and riding rides.

New Years

For New Year’s, a couple of friends from class and our group went out for dinner and later to a bar for the countdown. This was the first year doing New Year’s in a different country, not watching the Sky Tower countdown or the fireworks… so it felt different. Not bad, just different in a new town with new friends.

This photo was taken on the way back home from New Year’s, and although it isn’t a good photo, I took it because I wanted to remember this moment. It was the first time I managed to pluck up the courage to hail a taxi and tell him where to go all in Korean, by myself. It was terrifying, and probably didn’t entirely make sense, but I was proud of myself for doing it.

So that was all the highlights from the last couple of weeks! It has been an amazing ride of new experiences and challenges, but all well worth it.

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