I think I’m gonna write these blogs like a day-to-day in my life of what I did, even if it is short, so let’s get started.

Friday 6th January 2023

I think I woke up like 3:30 am NZ time to leave my house in NZ at 4, to get to the airport at around 4:30-5. I was very excited driving to the airport that morning; however, I was running on about three hours of sleep, so I was running on fumes while preparing for a 40-hour travel day. My arrival at AKL airport went swiftly as it was an easy check-in process; however, this was to change when I went through customs as I realised that I did not have all 3 of my boarding passes and my bags were not going all the way through to Mexico, so I had to go up to the Qantas desk and fix this, which was also done very easily. About two hours later, I boarded my 4-hour flight to Sydney, which was a very calm and easy flight; however, my legs did not fit in the seat, so I was very uncomfortable.

Once we arrived at Sydney airport, we were shocked to find out that our connecting flight had not landed yet and was severely delayed, 3-4 hours, which was not pleasant, especially in an insanely busy airport, and that our connecting flight to Mexico would also have to be changed. Once we boarded our Sydney to LAX flight, I was shocked to find that the seat that I would be sitting on for 14 hours was wet (see pic below). The 14 hour flight to LAX was easy and our arrival into LAX was easy, too. The flight to Mexico City was also easy as it was quick, but it was a bit strange being on a Spanish-directed airline. Our arrival into Mexico City airport was fine, but it did take us a while to find the bus. After a long travel day we finally arrived into our hotel in Santa Fe, Mexico City.

Wet seat
GTA map of LA

Saturday 7th Jan

Had my first $3 Corona
Had good food in Mercado Roma
Spotted a Mega Corona in Mercado Roma
Went to the biggest mall in Latin America
Also the biggest mall in Latin America

Sunday 8th Jan

Visited downtown Mexico City
The only fellas in the group (13.04%)

Monday 12th Jan

On Monday, we had our first experience on campus, and it was very interesting as the campus was very clean and upper-class.

Uni Campus

Sunday 15th Jan

On Sunday, we visited San Juan Teotihuacán, which is a Mexican archaeological complex northeast of Mexico City. Running down the middle of the site, which was once a flourishing pre-Columbian city, is the Avenue of the Dead. These pyramids were very cool to me as I had never seen anything like this before. In the afternoon, we also had a Aztec dance, which was something very different from what I have experienced.

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