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International corruption group. The legends from work

My first few weeks interning at Galaxy Kids have been amazing. This company specialises in creating apps for kids from 3-8. The app helps them learn Chinese and English. 

I’ve been lucky enough to form strong connections with my colleagues already.

I sit next to Charlie; his strength is marketing. Other than the boss, Jerry, Charlie is the only English speaker here. He’s been really good at sharing his knowledge surrounding cultural things. For lunch, he takes us to places only locals know about, and wow, the food is amazing. Tee is the youngest worker here. He’s around my age; he’s a larger-than-life character and so funny, which has made me feel so welcome in the workplace. He only speaks a little bit of English, but we are still able to communicate with the help of Charlie. 

Views from from Railay beach

Jerry, our boss, is an intelligent man; he has been doing the marketing and some coding for the app. Coding is foreign territory for me and has, therefore, taken a while to understand and get used to.

The past weekend our group took a trip to Krabi. We stayed in Ao Nang, right on the beach. The area is a melting pot of foreigners and locals, so it was cool to cross paths with people from France, Finland, and areas of South America. In Krabi, our days were filled with relaxing at the beach, getting chased by monkeys, and doing the Tiger Cave Temple hike. This hike really tested our bodies, 1200 steps straight up, and wow, the heat got to us. We also popped over to check out Railay Beach, which had beautiful scenery and was the best place for us to chill out, slow down, and rest up on the beach.

Life Around Bangkok Bangkok is huge; the amount of people and the size of the buildings has been eye-opening but an awesome experience. The public transport system is really efficient, from our accommodation we can easily access a lot of places around the city, both near and far. It is called the BTS, which is a sky train; it comes every 5 mins and is fast, cheap, and reliable. This has been a life-saver in terms of getting around.

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