Moments in Mexico

The images that make it into our long-term collective memory are few. A few of the images I have captured into my long-term memory are the ones I have lived through this week and am now sharing with whoever may be reading this blog. My favourite writing style is one that captures a moment in time. One that allows the reader to visualise and feel what I felt during certain moments. Therefore, I will do my best to express a few moments of time in Mexico city with you.

I believe one of the images, or moments, that will forever be encapsulated in my mind is the one I am in right now. I am currently seated on a bench in a park in Chapultepec. The sun is shining through the trees, making tall beams of light through the gaps in the branches. The crisp winter breeze brings with it the scent of tacos, Tajín, and lime from the nearby stalls. I can still taste Tajín and Chamoy from the sweet tropical mangoes I had earlier. The mangoes here taste sweeter than any mango I have had before. I can hear the sound of local vendors blowing on Aztec jaguar whistles. At first, the sound of those whistles would frighten me. I have now become quite accustomed to their jaguar whistles used to gain our attention. Although they succeed in gaining my attention, they most definitely do not attract me to their stall. Situated to my right is Castillo de Chapultepec, a beautiful castle that my new friends and I explored today. Stained glass windows, regal architecture, and gardens bedded with the most gorgeous bright red Poinsettias are just some of the words to describe the absolute piece of art Castillo de Chapultepec is. At this very moment in time, the best way to describe the way I am feeling is through the simple word ‘happy.’ I have also had many moments today and throughout this week where I have felt an immense sense of gratitude for this opportunity to be here, learn here, and immerse myself in Mexican culture. Although I truly believe that photos cannot capture the beauty of the moments I have lived through today, I will add a few photos below.

Today’s events are just one of the many memorable days I have had on this trip. Some days were good, and some not so good. Delayed flights, lost luggage, language barriers with airport staff, and numerous calls with different airline companies perfectly describe my first day in Mexico. Clearly, it was not a very fun day; therefore, I will leave the description of that day limited to that one sentence. Word of advice for anyone reading this would be to invest in an AirTag or any sort of luggage tracking device. It was how I tracked my luggage and ensured it found its way safely back to me.

My visit to Coyoacán is definitely part of the good days’ portion of my memories of moments in Mexico. Coyoacán is painted with hues of terracotta, blue and yellow. I made the dire mistake of wearing heels when visiting this area and vividly remember the pain of trying to navigate through the cobble streets in them. I remember smelling every kind of Mexican food while walking towards the Frida Kahlo museum. This was one of the few markets in Mexico (that I had visited) that sold seafood. However, the foggy eyes of the fish suggested it was not very fresh, therefore, swaying me away from placing an order. I instead opted for tacos from a perhaps dodgier place. The hospitable nature of the staff and the spicy, tangy tacos made it worth the potential food poisoning. I am not sure if this is an old wives’ tale or if this is scientifically backed up, but my trick to avoid an upset stomach from dodgy food is to have a coke with my meal.

My time in Mexico City is coming to an end. I will share a few more images from some of the other areas of Mexico City that I explored and will write again when I am in the next city, Querétaro.

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