Week 2 in Querétaro

Monday 16th

After a long day of travelling the day before, it was very hard to get up on a Monday morning, but it was a good day as we were in a new city and had new things to explore, eat and do. The Querétaro campus was very cool and felt like I was an American college campus as the campus was massive.

Campus field

For dinner on Monday night we visited a German inspired restaurant called hercules jardin de cerveza, it was very German inspired and had German beer and German food (see below)

Tuesday – Wednesday 17th-18th

I spent these two days by not doing much; just going to class, having a rest and playing sports as I was super tired from the week before.

Thursday 19th

Thursday was a big day as we had two scheduled company visits, the first was to a Mexican company called La Corona in which is a soap factory where they produce soap, laundry detergent and oil. This company was cool as it was a Mexican owned and operated company and it was a successful company.

In the afternoon on Thursday we visited Rancho Santa Marina where we had lunch and did a tour of the company. And also saw some cool animals on the way. This company was interesting as we learnt that they only make money from the ranch and they do not export elsewhere.

Lunch at the Ranch
cheese making at the Ranch
Wine tasting

Friday to Saturday

From Friday to Saturday the content is NSFW but just know we had a great time 😎

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