26th January, The Republic day

The most awaited public holiday we all needed was the 26th of January, also known as the Republic day of India. Republic day in India is celebrated to mark when the Constitution was written. 

We all needed this day just to take a break and reflect on things; it was more like a pause button that reminded us about the rest we needed due to our busy schedules. 

The day kick-started with the students beside us being our alarm clocks. Monotonously singing the national anthem in sync and marching around the school playground, the kids seemed energetic for a holiday. Everyone gathering around to celebrate and mark the day’s importance was beautiful and remarkable. The respect everyone held could be seen around every corner of Mumbai, from buildings lit up to replicate the tricolour flag of India to decorating our accommodation dining with balloons and receiving Indian flags to pin on our shirts at Starbucks. 

Despite the fact that few of us got sick, we enjoyed ourselves, and most of the group continued exploring Mumbai and indulging in food. We ensured to make the most out of the rest day and turn it into a bonding day by doing several activities as a group. We ended the day with the beautiful views of the Gateway of India proudly lit up to showcase India’s heritage. Walking by the water and spending time with the group at night was blissful. The cold breeze and waves of laughter still echoing pawed way for many more great memories and lifetime friendships that were yet to be made.

Gateway of India

Signing off with beautiful Mumbai views. 


Niharika 😊

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