A Day in the Life

Come along with me for a day in the life of an intern in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

My morning started off as all good days do – with a streetside Vietnamese coffee. This spot is a 2min walk from our apartment, so it’s been a favourite of mine for these cheeky pre-work coffee runs.

From there, it was time to get a Grab bike to work (kind of like an Uber, but with a motorbike). This has honestly become one of the favourite parts of my day; I love being able to just watch the city go by as we nip in and out of the traffic.

Then it was time to get to business. I love coming into the office as everyone is so lovely, and I get to be a part of really interesting meetings and discussions. Most of my work in this internship has been writing proposals for development projects in Vietnam, which has been an incredible experience to apply what I have learnt in university to the field I want to work in when I graduate.

After work, it’s a Grab bike home again, and then I have time to relax and do some chores like my washing. Sadly these things don’t stop even when you’re living overseas!

In the evenings, I love to spend time with the other interns from New Zealand and explore more of the city. Tonight we decided to order pizza from a local restaurant. I had the bò kho pizza, which was Vietnamese flavours on a pizza, and it was so delicious.

After dinner, we went to Turtle Lake, where we had an iced tea and just watched the motorbikes go around us. This is a popular place for local people to hang out, so it has such a nice atmosphere at night.

Then it was time to get some rest before doing it all again tomorrow!

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