Livin’ like a Local

Xin Chào, and come with me on my day in the life interning in Ho Chi Minh!

The lifestyle here has been so fun and exciting. I have appreciated getting into a cute routine with work, socialising and exploring the city. Feeling very grateful!

I start my day by waking up in our beautiful apartment. Our accommodation is in the heart of the city, which has been so ideal for getting around town.

Once ready for the day, it’s straight to the local cafe with a couple of my PMSA gals to grab a coffee and do a bit of admin before I get into the office.

After coffee, it’s time to catch a scooter to work. This is one of my favourite parts of the day as it’s so fun to just sit back and relax while watching the activities of the city as you whizz through the traffic. 

I really enjoy my work. I am working for an NGO called ASSIST. I work on writing proposals for development projects throughout Vietnam. This opportunity has been amazing as I aspire to work in the development sector once I graduate. Also, the lunches I get at work are primo!

After work, I grab food with my PMSA friends. The food has been amazing. After dinner, we go out for a drink and explore some of the city.

Solid day!

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