Part Two: Happy New Year’s, Vietnam Edition

Hà Giang, 

Slice of heaven:

Hà Giang is the province that will forever have a special place in my heart. We spend a total of three days in Hà Giang on a motorbike tour, driving through the most amazing scenery, villages, and places I have ever seen in my life. We travelled a total of 350 km over three days, starting from Hà Giang and reaching the border of China (the third photo) with twenty other travellers. This experience is one that I will never forget, and articulating the beauty of this experience is tricky as words do not give it justice. During our time here, we stayed in homestays, experiencing the culture of natives in Hà Giang; the Mông people rode through villages, formed friendships with our motorbike drivers, and saw the most amazing landscapes. As my friends and I said goodbye to our drivers and walked into our bus, we had slight tears of happiness, feeling grateful to have had this life-changing experience. Here are a few photos that bring me back to this feeling, and for anyone looking to come to Vietnam, I could not recommend Hà Giang enough. It is the effortless beauty, rich culture of the natives, and unforgettable people you will meet along the way that makes Hà Giang such a unique gem of our world.

Đà Lạt,

Commonly referred to as the ‘tourist paradise’ and ‘mini Paris’, by the Vietnamese-

As our New Year’s came to an end, the last stop was the province of Đà Lạt, the town of gorgeous pagodas and rich history of the natives, the ‘Koho’ people. This province surprised me the most regarding the unexpected beauty we experienced when exploring the city and learning about its history. 

My favourite part of Đà Lạt was having the privilege to visit historical temples and five-story pagodas and experiencing a performance from the natives within the province. The diverse culture and history that lies in Vietnam continue to amaze me. With our Lunar New Year’s coming to an end, I reflect with gratitude on the diversity within the Vietnamese culture; the difference in foods, history, and people among different provinces. Vietnam truly is a gracefully beautiful part of our world.

The representation, complexity, values, and traditional Vietnamese culture have made this country unforgettable in my eyes. Lunar New Year’s is a time of reflection, manifesting luck for others through spending time with loved ones, paying tribute to loved one’s who are no longer with us, and eating traditional foods. Looking back, I will cherish this experience and feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and warmth for having the privilege to experience the Lunar New Year in Vietnam.


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