New Years, Vietnam Edition (Part One)

The first two weeks in Vietnam have been breathtaking. As I finish the second week of my internship, I feel so grateful for everything I have experienced. We are now entering the Vietnamese New Year, a celebration of spending time with loved ones, eating traditional foods, and celebrating the year you have had, along with welcoming happiness and prosperity into the year that is going to happen. Come along with me through this diary entry for a little taste of how our New Year’s looked, Vietnam edition.

Stop one- Hanoi,
Aka food paradise:

Hanoi is a truly magical city. Interwoven in Hanoi are the cultures of China, France, and Vietnam. As my friends and I explore with gazing eyes, we can see elements of the Chinese legends and symbols within Pagodas, the French architecture that dates back to the 1900s, and the rich Vietnamese culture that shapes Hanoi. All up, we were able to spend three days in Hanoi, trying and experiencing signature dishes and places. By far, my favourite part was the locals we met along our journey and the mouth-watering food we tried. Here are a few of my favourite photos of our time in Hanoi; looking back over these photos, I feel an overwhelming sense of happiness and gratitude for how lucky we have been to have experienced this beautiful part of Vietnam.

New Year’s in Ha Long Bay,
The national treasure of Vietnam:

Our second stop during Lunar New Year was Ha Long Bay, the province of breathtaking views and the warmest locals. We spend three days in Ha Long Bay, an area with over 1,600 (mostly) uninhabited islands formed from limestone, within the seascape. Within these three days, my friends and I experienced cooking classes, making friends with other travelers, learning more about the rich history behind Ha Long Bay, visiting villages, kayaking, and bike riding. It was also Tessa’s twenty-first birthday which made all these experiences even more special. Here are a few of the memories I will cherish most about this part of Vietnam.

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