Resort Time!

6th February 2023:

I booked a weekend getaway with my friend after spending long hours at work during the week. Our destination: Mũi Né!

We travelled there via a sleeper bus. This was my first time in one, and it was so comfortable; being able to lay down horizontally with my legs extended made sleeping on transportation a whole lot easier. The dim fluorescent lights provided a cooler vibe. After a good six hours, we then took a shuttle to our resort in Mũi Né.

The resort consisted of forestry and water. They had a private beach, and I saw a few transparent-shelled crabs and numerous sand holes they had crawled out of. The view was magnificent, with streaks of pink and blue lining the sky and a bright moon in the middle. The ocean water sound was soothing – my whole body was in complete and utter bliss. The resort also offered massage services – I was excited to try it out. Once I got it done, I felt relaxed and calm soon after.

The food we had there was really good. For lunch, it was steak with French fries, in addition to pizza. Dinner was fried calamari with egg fried rice. I felt so satisfied after eating. Topping it off with ice cream made the food experience exceptionally better.

The next day, we chilled by the poolside. It was on my bucket list to swim in the Mũi Né ocean, so I did that, also. The water was very cold, but luckily the humidity and heat from the sun balanced it out.

Overall, it was a therapeutic and relaxing experience. I would definitely do it again.

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