Young Tigers!

My adventure at Korea University is filled with excitement, encompassing the enduring themes of building friendships, embracing youthful energy, and participating in exhilarating festivals. The campus atmosphere remains vibrant and alive, constantly buzzing with the enthusiasm and power of the young students. (And yes, remember the challenging exam season, although we’ll focus on the positive moments here!).

Making new friendships was complicated initially, especially for an introverted person like me.
However, despite initial challenges, I stepped out of my comfort zone, got involved in activities, and made new friends at Korea University. The warm welcome from friendly faces and the vibrant international community fostered cultural exchange and personal growth. Overcoming obstacles, I formed lasting connections and created unforgettable memories, enriching my university experience.

Worth mentioning now! As I’ve mentioned in my first post, KUBA is a friendly group supporting exchange students settling into a new environment! I recommend anyone choosing to exchange at Korea University to take note of this.

Now let’s talk about the festivals! The 입실렌티 (IPSELENTI) festival at Korea University is a grand event that showcases students’ incredible talents. It becomes even more thrilling with the presence of renowned celebrities like Psy and Jay Park, adding glamour to the already spectacular occasion!
Participating in the festival allowed me to witness breath taking performances by these celebrities and talented students.

Similarly, the 대동제 (Daedongje) festival, dedicated to Korea University’s exciting festival week, becomes memorable and thrilled with the participation of famous musicians and talented dancers. Their exceptional skills and stage presence captivated the audience, creating a shared appreciation for Korean culture and traditions.

If you’re seeking a university experience that allows you to immerse yourself fully, Korea University is the place to be!
I’ll return with my final post after the exams (Hard working mode)

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