Jack Adams

Jack Adams

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Latin America, iWinterMX Global Business Programme


Kia Ora, I’m Jack! I’m a Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Auckland, majoring in Marketing as well as Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Outside of Uni, I’m a big fan of sports. My current favourite is basketball, but I have a history with racket sports, most notably Squash. 

I’m excited to be travelling to Mexico for the iWinterMX programme, thanks to the Prime Ministers Scholarship. What I’m most looking forward to is visiting cultural sites and landmarks and meeting all kinds of new people. Cheers!

  • Weeks Tres and Cuatro

    On the 24th of Jan we Travelled to our next hotel in Leon. One great thing about this location was that there was a fair less than one kilometre down the road that was on all week. The fair had games, rides, food, bars and even a nightclub. A few days later we had our…Continue…

  • iWinterMX – Week DOS

    Querétaro We arrived in Querétaro at 8pm on Sunday January 15th after bussing from Teotihuacán. In Querétaro, we are staying in student residencies instead of a hotel. The new campus is bigger than the one in Santa Fe, it has a pool, basketball courts and a beach volleyball court. On Monday night some of us…Continue…

  • iWinterMX – week UNO

    “Me llamo… Jack!” Departure and Arrival The rest of the Kiwis and I left for Sydney from Auckland on January 6th to start our Mexican journey. Little did we know our travel there would be a bit longer than expected. Our first flight was three hours. This was no problem as I have been on…Continue…