Sophia Huang

Sophia Huang

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Latin America, iWinterMX Global Business Programme


Kia ora, everyone! I’m Sophia, studying for a Bachelor of Commerce & Science, majoring in Marketing, International Business and Biological Science. I’ve chosen this combination of majors because I like to expose myself to diverse perspectives and knowledge. Travelling around the world is one of my biggest passions. I was fortunate to visit most Asian countries; I can’t wait to explore Latin America and the rest of the world!

My study abroad dream is finally a step closer as the world has settled down after three years of disruption by the pandemic. In January 2023, I will participate in the iWinterMX global business programme at Technology de Monterrey with the Prime Minister’s scholarship funding. I really appreciate this opportunity! Out of all the destinations, Mexico has attracted me the most. This has to be traced back to one of my favourite Disney movies – Coco (highly recommended). Since then, my desire to visit Mexico has been deeply rooted in my mind. 

I’m looking forward to the sightseeing and business tours, experiencing exotic cultures and cuisines, and connecting with people worldwide during my trip to Mexico City, Queretaro, Leon, and Monterrey. Meanwhile, learning Spanish and Mexico’s business environments and practices are also highly relevant to my degree and future career. 

I’m ready for the uncertainties and challenges on the other side of the world and excited for the four-week adventures with my fellows. Stay tuned for my journey to Mexico, mis amigos!

  • Week 4 – Monterrey

    30/01/2023 – 07/02/2023 Tecnológico de Monterrey has its main/ largest campus located at Monterrey. The unique part of this campus is the biodiversity, where peacocks, deer, ducks, cats, etc., wander around the campus and live in harmony. Monterrey campus We were ‘fortunate’ to experience the four seasons/ extreme climate during our one-week stay at Monterrey….Continue Reading Week 4 – Monterrey

  • Week 3 – Leon

    23/02/2023 – 29/02/2023 Leon is famous for leather goods and footwear. We visited a giant multinational leather company – Cuadra, and its leather goods production. Each pair of shoes was well crafted by multiple workers under an assembly line. I was fascinated by the dazzling and fast pace production process. Cuadra was definitely my favourite…Continue Reading Week 3 – Leon

  • Week 2 – Querétaro

    16/01/2023 – 22/01/2023 We arrived at our second destination, Querétaro, a youthful and vibrant student town. We stayed at a newly built university residence hall. What I enjoyed the most about it was the amazing city view of Querétaro and the peaceful campus environment. Chasing the sunset while biking was my favourite thing on Querétaro’s…Continue Reading Week 2 – Querétaro