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  • Goood Morning, Vietnaaaam!
    The last few days have been surreal. I can’t believe I have only been here for four days, but I’m not sure if that’s because it feels like I only left yesterday or if it feels like a lifetime ago. We have managed to pack so much in since we arrived, and I’ve been able to be a tourist here while also becoming more familiar and comfortable with the city….Continue Reading Goood Morning, Vietnaaaam!
  • Week 1: Xin chào Việt Nam!
    It’s not often that you get to say you had a perfect day, let alone a perfect week. However, every day that we’ve lived in Vietnam since our arrival has been nothing short of amazing. The hustle and bustle of the city is astounding. Walking around the streets of Ho Chi Minh City is fascinating enough, let alone doing any activities. Not only that, but as it’s near Lunar New…Continue Reading Week 1: Xin chào Việt Nam!
  • Week 2: The Unexpected Challenge
    Unfortunately, I am writing this second blog a few days early due to the copious amount of free time I have due to the fact that I am isolating with COVID-19. All in all, not the fun first week at work I was imagining. Thankfully, I got to spend one day at work before testing positive the next morning. My first day was really exciting, and I can’t wait to…Continue Reading Week 2: The Unexpected Challenge
  • First Day in Vietnam
    I still had not processed that I was going to Vietnam yet, even after I got on the plane. This would be my first time living and working overseas by myself, which was exciting. The total duration to arrive at the international airport was almost a whole day, but it was fine because I enjoy plane rides. Immediately once I went outside the airport, I felt the change in humidity….Continue Reading First Day in Vietnam
  • Lost in Saigon: My first week in Ho Chi Minh City!
    Wednesday the 11th marked 7 days in Vietnam! It is so crazy to reflect on the last week and how much we managed to fit into it. Having never been this far from home before, these last few days have shifted my perspective on the world, and every moment has brought me a new experience. I am really looking forward to seeing what else the next few weeks bring! Day…Continue Reading Lost in Saigon: My first week in Ho Chi Minh City!
  • Life in Saigon
    The human mind is incredible in its ability to adapt. In the last two weeks I’ve made daily routines, discovered new definitions of normal, and somehow found myself feeling comfortable living life in a foreign country. That doesn’t mean everything is easy (I’m definitely still faced with challenges on a daily basis), I’ve just already grown and developed in ways I couldn’t imagine when our plane first landed in Vietnam. …Continue Reading Life in Saigon
  • Celebrating Tet (Happy New Year!)
    Vietnam celebrates their new year, which they refer to as ‘Tet,’ or in other countries, commonly known as the Lunar New Year. Throughout this holiday, we got the time to explore outside Ho Chi Minh City. Let me say, in this past week, I have had some of the most amazing experiences of my life (I’m not even being corny). Friday – Hellooo Hanoi Thursday night after work, a few…Continue Reading Celebrating Tet (Happy New Year!)
  • Vietnam, you are already un”Phở”gettable
    It has been three weeks in Vietnam & I can wholeheartedly say that I wake up eager to explore every single day. I am working as an Intern at NFQ, a global tech company, and the humbleness, hospitality, and genuine kindness amongst all employees have made it a breeze to settle in. In the first week of my internship, NFQ held their yearly summit in Saigon with events ranging from…Continue Reading Vietnam, you are already un”Phở”gettable
  • Chúc mừng năm mới (Happy New Years)
    What a beautiful country! After a 16-hour flight from New Zealand to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, stepping foot out of the airport felt surreal. Feeling the warm wave of heat on my cheeks, observing the colorful scooters racing by, and the overwhelmingly rich smell of street food, I stare in awe. The first 48 hours in Vietnam felt like a dream; it was the little things that I did…Continue Reading Chúc mừng năm mới (Happy New Years)
  • Sensational Saigon
    Sensory Overload I can starkly remember the moment I walked out of the airport. It was a sensory overload.  The heat of Vietnam hit me like a concrete wall. I felt like a rotisserie chicken under the heat lamp, and sweat poured from my body like never before. *Honk*  “Water, Madam”  *Honk*  “Sim card”  *Honk*  “Taxi, Madam”   The sounds blurred into a symphony around my head. The orchestra of Saigon…Continue Reading Sensational Saigon
  • The opportunity of a lifetime 
    3rd Jan – Stepping into the unknown As I stepped into the Auckland Airport, my nervousness consumed my body. It hit me; this is my first time travelling alone, my first time going to an Asian country, and my first time working in a corporate setting, let alone working in Vietnam. Several thoughts rushed through my head; how would I react to the culture shock, the new country, the people,…Continue Reading The opportunity of a lifetime 
  • Chúc mừng năm mới!
    Happy New Year! Vietnam celebrated its Lunar New Year, otherwise known as Tết, on January 22 2023, and we were lucky enough to be here to experience it. Tết is the most important celebration of the year in Vietnam, and in our first weeks here saw the city come alive in preparation. For Vietnamese people, Tết is about spending time with family, honouring one’s ancestors, and wishing good luck for…Continue Reading Chúc mừng năm mới!
  • Life in Saigon – Week 2
    Week two in Vietnam was certainly very different to week one, and it brought with it a whole new set of challenges and experiences! While week one felt like a constant blur of changes, week two was a lot slower, and it was nice to have some consistency and stability again. I am so grateful to have enough time in Vietnam that having to isolate with Covid didn’t ruin my…Continue Reading Life in Saigon – Week 2
  • Vietnamese New Year
    What the Vietnamese call Tet is the celebration of the lunar new year & with Tet began our travels around Northern and Central Vietnam. Our first stop was Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, which was quite the contrast to the humid, hustle-bustle nature of Ho Chi Minh. The city was relatively cold, with more local Vietnamese-style buildings that brought about a calm that I didn’t know I needed from…Continue Reading Vietnamese New Year
  • Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!
    Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! Happy New Year! Did you know that this year is the year of the Cat in Vietnam? While China and many other places in the world may be seen celebrating the Year of the Rabbit, Vietnam switches out the Rabbit for the Cat in the Zodiac. And thus, walking around the city in the days leading up to the New Year, the streets were filled with…Continue Reading Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!
  • Work Work Work!
    First day  I stood in the elevator, and silence surrounded me. This was going to be my first job. First time in a corporate setting. Was I overdressed, maybe under? Strings of insecure thoughts circulated in my head. I saw my reflection in the elevator, and I looked foreign to myself. More corporate than I had ever dressed.  *Ding*  I took a deep breath and walked out—a rush of airconditioned…Continue Reading Work Work Work!
  • Tet Holiday Celebrations
    30th January 2023: I had ten days off work due to it being Tet in Vietnam. This was a fantastic opportunity to travel in Vietnam while engaging in new experiences, so I had to take it. It took strenuous periods of planning with my friends, but we got there in the end. I could finally live it out. I first caught a flight to Hanoi, the very north of Vietnam….Continue Reading Tet Holiday Celebrations
  • Resort Time!
    6th February 2023: I booked a weekend getaway with my friend after spending long hours at work during the week. Our destination: Mũi Né! We travelled there via a sleeper bus. This was my first time in one, and it was so comfortable; being able to lay down horizontally with my legs extended made sleeping on transportation a whole lot easier. The dim fluorescent lights provided a cooler vibe. After…Continue Reading Resort Time!
  • New Years, Vietnam Edition (Part One)
    The first two weeks in Vietnam have been breathtaking. As I finish the second week of my internship, I feel so grateful for everything I have experienced. We are now entering the Vietnamese New Year, a celebration of spending time with loved ones, eating traditional foods, and celebrating the year you have had, along with welcoming happiness and prosperity into the year that is going to happen. Come along with…Continue Reading New Years, Vietnam Edition (Part One)
  • Part Two: Happy New Year’s, Vietnam Edition
    Hà Giang,  Slice of heaven: Hà Giang is the province that will forever have a special place in my heart. We spend a total of three days in Hà Giang on a motorbike tour, driving through the most amazing scenery, villages, and places I have ever seen in my life. We travelled a total of 350 km over three days, starting from Hà Giang and reaching the border of China…Continue Reading Part Two: Happy New Year’s, Vietnam Edition
  • My genuine internship experience
    I remember first stepping foot into my host company’s home office. I was overcome with all these emotions, excitement, nervousness, and fear of what was to come. However, my host company did everything to make me feel welcome and comfortable. As an emerging start-up company, I got close with all my co-workers. Even though there was a language barrier, thanks to Google Translate, we could still have light-hearted conversations. I…Continue Reading My genuine internship experience
  • A Day in the Life
    Come along with me for a day in the life of an intern in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! My morning started off as all good days do – with a streetside Vietnamese coffee. This spot is a 2min walk from our apartment, so it’s been a favourite of mine for these cheeky pre-work coffee runs. From there, it was time to get a Grab bike to work (kind of…Continue Reading A Day in the Life
  • Livin’ like a Local
    Xin Chào, and come with me on my day in the life interning in Ho Chi Minh! The lifestyle here has been so fun and exciting. I have appreciated getting into a cute routine with work, socialising and exploring the city. Feeling very grateful! I start my day by waking up in our beautiful apartment. Our accommodation is in the heart of the city, which has been so ideal for getting…Continue Reading Livin’ like a Local
  • Weekend Adventures in Vietnam!!
    As an intern, I spend my weekdays at work and exploring Ho Chi Minh city in the evening. However, on the weekends, my new friends and I love to get out of the city and see other sides of Vietnam! It has been really interesting to see how the scenery and lifestyles range so drastically between provinces. I feel like I’ve been to numerous countries despite never leaving Vietnam. My…Continue Reading Weekend Adventures in Vietnam!!
  • Exploring Saigon
    After much travel around Vietnam in the past two months, I’ve spent the last week enjoying the last of our trip soaking up exploring the very city that we have been living in – Ho Chi Minh City. It is hard to conceptualise Saigon (HCM) as a whole, but every district comes with its own quirks, special places, and completely different experiences. The best places are those that are the…Continue Reading Exploring Saigon
  • Week of Goodbyes
    I feel mixed emotions with there being less than a week left of our internship. I am so happy to go home to my family; however, I don’t want to leave Vietnam because Ho Chi Minh feels like home now. It feels like I will be trading in the family and friends I have made in Vietnam for my family and friends in New Zealand. We all say that we…Continue Reading Week of Goodbyes
  • Last Week: Too Soon to Say Goodbye
    Last you heard from me, I had just completed my “Vietnam is 10-days” crash course Tết (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) travels. Since then, I have really been able to settle in at my company and in my new home. Thus, realising that I will have to leave Vietnam has been a very rude awakening. Seven weeks in, I feel really settled in to my daily work schedule (just in time…Continue Reading Last Week: Too Soon to Say Goodbye
  • Looking Back
    It’s been a week since we returned from Vietnam, and I’ve been going back through my journal and reflecting on all of the amazing experiences. I wish I could share everything about my time there, but you probably don’t have time to read a whole novel. So instead, I thought I would share a snapshot of my experience as an international intern in Ho Chi Minh City through quotes from…Continue Reading Looking Back
  • The Last Month
    The last month! Things couldn’t have gone by quicker in the last month. The buzzing Saigon traffic became standard, the flashing lights at night were akin to stars in the night sky, and breathtaking skyline views were becoming a norm. I was forgetting New Zealand and becoming familiar with the labyrinth-like layout of Saigon. I had my favourite cafes, my favourite juice spot and locals who knew me. The normality…Continue Reading The Last Month